When I published the English version of my book « Open Science, the challenge of transparency« , I wanted to dedicate it to Alma Swan in modest recognition for the coaching, teaching and collaboration she had given me about Open Access over the past decade.

But that was without counting that a little bug would come to put its mischievous little nose in my writing….  Instead of « my friendly mentor… », I typed « my fiendly mentor ». 

Alma immediately spotted the misspelling and she taught me that « fiendly » means « devilish »!

On that, she did two things: 1) she enjoined me to leave the mistake because she thought it was so funny (but I disobeyed); and 2) she made a wonderful bookplate for me, revealing her great talent as an enluminator.

I promised myself to reveal this little artistic marvel, and the anecdote that gave birth to it. That is why it is with pleasure and gratitude that I am introducing Alma’s tenacious little fiend to you. From what she told me, it is taken from an Anglo-Saxon manuscript and his name is « Titivillus, the Patron Devil of Scribes, very naughty and bothersome ».

Great gift, Alma, thank you so much !