A fantastic move towards Open Science by the University of Lorraine (France)

Taking advantage of the French break up of the negotiations with Springer and of the resulting savings (160 k€, after an outrageous 60% increase in 10 years!), the University of Lorraine has been “thinking about a refoundation of scientific communication that goes both towards more openness (open access), more transparency and efficiency”.

They will “support financially, in a spirit of partnership, several publishing initiatives that meet the principles of scientific quality, openness, transparency and governance centered on academic communities” such as the scientific journals platforms OpenEdition (France) and Erudit (Quebec), the Open Library of Humanities platform (United Kingdom), the Sci-Post platform, EDP Sciences, and l’Epijournal de Géométrie Algébrique (Epiga), which uses the Episciences platform.

The University of Lorraine also becomes the first French institution to join the Fair Open Access Alliance, a structure that offers journals that wish a methodological and financial support to leave the lap of large commercial publishers and join open publishing platforms.

Almost all of these innovative initiatives have in common to offer publishing models that are both free for the reader (open access) and for the author (no payment of Article Processing Charges). The university also continues its financial participation in associations and structures that promote open science (DOAR, Coalition of Open Access Repositories – COAR, Sparc Europe)”.

What a beautiful initiative ! We all hoped that one day, the disgust would lead to a break-up and that the tremendous savings that would result could fuel a real renewal ! It’s the right way, the only one possible in the long run! No more Big Deals and other endless scams! Enough negotiations lost in advance! Now, let every university do the same, it takes only a short moment of academic courage, but what a great opening behind it !


2 commentaires sur “A fantastic move towards Open Science by the University of Lorraine (France)

  1. Martha

    It was free « for the reader (open access) and for the author (no payment of Article Processing Charges) » in the former situation too. In both scenarios, the institution was/is paying a fee, either for reading or for publishing. I do not get your point of the advantage of the situation now.


    1. No. The University was paying 160,000€ for the Springer subscriptions (i.e. so that their members, researchers, students, could read). Now, the subscription contract being not renewed at the country level, the University is saving that money and has decided to invest it in supporting open publication initiatives. Of course, Springer has maintained the delivery of the journals for as long as the negotiations are not over definitively, but the move seems to cut ties with the publisher whatever happens next…


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